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just got my new fiesta mk5, was told by a mate to get a new key as my fob was not working. so bought a new one off a locksmith but now i dont know what to do to get it to work on my car? so got a blank uncut key and no clue what to do? someone said i need to get it programmed but god knows? please someone help me lol


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they have got a chip in which demobilises the car when you put it in the ignition so the new key has to have the chip that was in the old one , i have also found this on the forum for linking fobs

Get all keys with remote control

Fasten seat belts and close all doors. (Avoids any other warning beeps)

Turn ignition switch from position 1 to position 2 four times within six seconds

Turn ignition switch to position 1

The programming mode is now activated for 10seconds

Press and hold any button on your key and wait for the beep. Your key should now be programmed.

Repeat for every key you have. Maximum of four.

To exit the programming more turn ignition to position 3 or wait 10 seconds.

hope this helps

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