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Auto Locking Galaxy Doors

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I have a 2008 Galaxy. The hand book says that the if no doors have been opened after 45 seconds of you unlocking, the car will auto lock itself. Seems a good idea incase you have accidentally unlocked it for some reason - but mine locks itself randomnly even if you have opened a door. Example - unlock car and open drivers door to put something in car, shut door again and then go round otherside of car to strap child into rear childseat, when walking back to drivers side car auto locks itself and you discover you have left keys on drivers seat!! You then have a 3 year old locked inside car and no way of getting to them - problem!! Surely this sytem is designed to lock itself only if you have not opened any doors. Maybe mine is just faulty. Is there anyway to turn this feature off?

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I have exactly the same issue but it is just the back driver side door that doesn't recognise it having been opened, there I was last week putting my 3 year old in the back seats with his friend and left keys on seat. The car locked and both of them were locked in the car. After 30mins of the alarm going off and trying to get the door opened I remembered they could use the key fob to unlock it. Luckily they did.

Have you had a response from this yet?

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i would take a look at any wiring in the door gaitors to see if they are frayed or broken if all ok then have a look at the central locking module if no joy here then(clutching at straws here)it may well be a software problem if so then its a dealer visit.

there isnt to much info around on the mk3 yet and if it is then its under lock and key where you have to pay to join certain forums.

i dont know if the central locking module is connected to the alarm module but if its anything like the smax then iirc its found under the passenger wheel arch area.

hope that helps a bit.

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just a thought on this,if you have the convrs dash,you might be able to set/unset certain items from within the system in it?

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