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Transmission Malfunction

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Picked up ex-demo S-Max Titanium 2.0 TDCi 140 automatic in November with 9400 miles on the clock since registration in May 2010 and really pleased with performance and drive - even in the snow - until went to use it after a -11C cold snap overnight. Started it FIRST TIME, despite the temperatures, and defrosted of snow & ice - BUT when then attempting to drive away the car would not shift from PARK. Totally locked up and unable to put into drive mode. Switched engine off and the on again and after a few seconds received an error message 'Transmission Malfunction'. Attempted restarts 4-5 times with same results. Called the local dealer and they had not encountered this fault before and recommended 'Ford Recovery' to their service department. Before doing so I surmised that perhaps the cold had caused excessive thickening of the transmission fluid so stuck a fan heater under the car for 20 minutes. Tried again and this time engaged drive without problems. Used that day, and then for next 3 days without issue. Left parked over Christmas Eve and most of Christmas Day then went to use it at 8pm - same fault as before 'Transmission Malfunction' (only this time the weather has not been as cold!) Tried again today, including using a fan heater for a good 40 minutes underneath, but no joy. Engine fires first time, runs beautifully, but cannot get it from Park into Drive - totally locked up and 'Transmission Malfunction' message every time. Checked this Forum and ran the 'diagnostic' routine - the DTC codes returned are: DTC01 - F00616 and DTC02 - C40168. Not sure if these are meaningful at all. Has anybody encountered this malfunction before or does anyone have any suggestions before I get 'Ford Recovery' in tomorrow morning to take the car to the dealer? PB

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Problem solved. Recovery engineer needed to disable the transmission so that we could move the vehicle into position for putting on his low loader. Apparently there is a mechanical release cable in the centre console somewhere. Not having a handbook (still waiting for the garage/Ford to supply me with one!) we took the panels of the centre console next to the drivers foot well but couldn't see it there. Took the panels off in the passenger foot well and found that the electrical connector on the gearbox selector had come completely off! The wiring to this plug had been incorrectly passed UNDER the main console wiring loom and then plugged in to the selector putting it under extremely tension - a problem waiting to happen! Solved by taking the selector wiring and plug over the TOP of the main wiring loom - now loads of slack, no tension and problem solved. PB

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