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Ambient Lighting - Glovebox Strip


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My ears are burning, did someone mention my name? :P

To be quite honest my perfect Fiesta would have been a Tit with dress up (wanted cruise control & keyless) but I'm happy with what I've got, and I prefer the looks of the Fez to any BMW sitting on your drive ;)

Back the the topic, be good to see Adam's strip at the meet in 2 weeks! (Keep it clean...)

I think the Fiesta is a great looking car with the bodykit and have said that since day one.

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On the subject of this, I've got on order the titanium internal light, with the map reading lights, and the leds, he confirmed they are the same size, but will the leds work if I just plug it in?

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so the zetec comes with this ambient strip light but the zetec s does not? kinda weird considering the zetec s is a more expensive model! I think it is a nice touch to the interior though

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