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Thought i'd start a topic completely non car related.

Do any of you take part in any fitness?

Whether for new year resolutions or any other aim/goal?

Whats your biggest accomplishment so far?

I suppose i better start too:

Well im training all going well to join the Royal Marines (fingers crossed)

I train 6 times a week at the gym.

I run every other night (recovering from a stress fracture), moving up to running 6 times a week soon. I've ran 17 miles in the last week so far.

Biggest accomplishment was running my first half marathon, nothing official, just got bored after work, and im one of those that once i start running i just keep going.

I also am hoping in the near future to arrange to run 3 10k runs on 3 consecutive days for charity.... so hopefully that will happen.

So thats my fitness really.

Im also open to general advice both to give and receive if people have any?


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good luck on joining the "bootnecks" as for the gym work fine, running excellent, but concentrate on your cardio vascular work, endurance, and being able to function when your absolutely f!"£$d is a must.

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im currently serving...in RAF mind, taffg couldnt of hit the mark more square on. im also recovering from stress fractures on both tibias, heels and messed my metertarsal up and apparrently i might have compartment syndrome...happy days... anyways one thing i do at the mo is

-20 mins on exercise bike, level 6, fast and hard...minimum dist is 10km

-20x 30sec intervals on rower, level 6...min dist 3.5km

my biggest acheivement is tabbing 73 miles over 3 days....from stalug luft III (great escape camp)(poland) to spremberg train station (germany), sleeping rough in barns...good fun tho and a very drunk night when we finished.

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