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Question About Ford Warranty/service Schedule


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Hi all,

I am thinking of buying a 2009 Ford Focus Zetec S with 11,200 miles. The car was first registered during 06/2009, it's first service was during 11/2009. It hasn't been serviced since. The Ford dealership that is selling the car say they will service it before anyone buys it meaning that it's 2nd service will be this month, 01/2011.

Now my question is what is the service schedule on these cars? I heard services should be every 12,500 miles or 12 months.

If this is true, does it mean the car I am looking at would not be covered by the Ford 3 year warranty because it's 1st and 2nd services were more than 12 months apart?

Any help much appreciated.


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You do right to consider the implications of the lack of servicing Alex. Not that I think it will have done damage to the engine. But like you, being fearful that Ford would use it as a reason for refusing to correct any later problems you may experience during the residue of the 3 year warranty period. Which no doubt they have every right to do.

But considering it's a low mileage motor being offered by a Ford Main dealer, maybe they are willing to put in writing that the warranty will not be affected. I bought my 55 plate from a Ford Main Dealer back in October 09, OK it was out of it's Ford 3 year warranty. But it was advertised as "Franchise Approved" now it's fair to assume that this term must have some value regarding comeback on Ford the company, or it's just marketing bullsh@t. Is it being offered as such and what does that term mean ? To be honest I did not ask, as I was getting a 12 month warranty on the vehicle. but maybe in your case it would be wise to find out what that term means, if they are indeed using it in describing the vehicle.

Me I would say to the dealership, if Ford UK, Customer Services department, were to provide you with written confirmation, that on completion of a service by their selling main dealer. The named car [registration number] on the document will be covered, then you go a head with the deal. Any promises coming up short of that, and I'm afraid I would be walking.


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Hi Tony,

Thanks for your reply. I know they can be buggers and try and get out of paying for anything, hence my concerns!

Just had the dealership on the phone, they said that because the car has been serviced by a main dealer, and it's only 1 month late for it's second service, and it's low mileage, Ford should honour the warranty. He said there is usally a grace period of 1-2 months with services and as long as there isn't a clear lack of servicing, you should be ok.

I then asked for this in writing and was told I would have to speak to the salesman who I have been dealing with. He's back on Wednesday so I will try and get something from him.

In another post, btmaldon wrote:

It is 12500 miles or 12 months, which ever comes first. You would only have a problem with thw warrenty if something went wrong after it was due a service that had not been done. Mine is going to be on 13 months since it was last serviced, but I have only done 11000 since the last one. They dont mind a month or so being out of kilter.

If you are buying the car from a Main Dealer, you would automatically be covered by warranty even if the car had not been serviced (although they always do it).

So I'm fairly confident that my local Ford dealership (Benfield) would honour the warranty if needed, but I will try to get it in writing from either the dealership selling the car, or Ford customer services.

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Must admit,I had not factored in the service done in November 09 which would put the next service due November 10 ...what I'm I like?

Mind you, I'm now asking the question why a car that in Jan 11 is showing only 11,200 miles on the clock. Had it's annual/12.5k service done five to six months in from registration? Was this service a proper service, ie: oil and filter?

Never bought new myself, but I always thought there was a dealer "bring it in for a look see" kind of service on new cars. I thought these were timed to be say 3 month in, but I may be mistaken, or is no longer offered.

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Yes not sure why the 1st service was so soon. I was told that the car's first 6 months was as a showcar at a dealership, it was then sold to a private owner. Maybe they serviced it for this private owner?

Anyway as long as the stamps are in the book, I have a friend that can do a proper service on it should I suspect that the oil and filters etc haven't been done.

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Zetec S, you poser ;)

Now myself, I'm not planning to change motors for possibly three years, as I hate stumping up the difference between dealer PX and retail on cars recently bought. I like my motors depreciation to make that difference palatable when I come to swop. And if that is the case and the Focus serves me well, as I'm in no doubt that it will. Then I fancy a Mk3 1.6 EcoBoost SCTi petrol 0-62 in 8.6 seconds.........30-62 in 8.6 seconds in 4th gear. top speed 130mph

Just so I can blow you Zetec S guys away :D

I really do miss the poke that my Volvo S40 2.0 turbo diesel had.

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Haha yes, guilty as charged! I love the MK2 facelift models, and I think the Zetec S just tops it off. And I'm too poor for an ST :)

Those MK3 Ecoboost engines do sound good. 150hp and still returns 47mpg combined, can't go wrong!

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Not as powerful as the 2.5 ST, no insurance data yet, but I run an Astra 1.6 SRi Turbo [ more BHP, faster 0-62 and 137mpg ]through "Go Compare" to have an idea. It comes out at just 94p a week more for the insurance.......I can afford that :D You just need to wait until the first owner has swallowed 50% of the retail price over the first two years of it's life....simples

And that was on a quote for a car worth nearly three times what my current cars worth.

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