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Focus 1.6 Chic Advice ?


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Hi All.

After having my Corsa C written off last week, been looking for a new motor.

I came accross a Ford Focus Chic 1.6 Spec Eds.

Car Details:

52 Plate

51,000 Miles

Full Serv Hist

6 Month MOT

6 Month TAX

Just wondering is there anything I should be aware of or look out for when viewing the car?

Also what else to look out for if I did buy the car for the future, belts or anything?

Thanks, Barmy

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hi think its the same car as mine a focus silver but in black mine has been very reliable i needed a new speedo sender as this is a generic fault which

causes the speedometer to drop to zero whilst driving! cheap repair.Also water in the footwell again easy repair new pollen filter.Ive just changed the

cambelt at 65k ford recommend 100k but its not worth takin a chance past 80k! well equipped car hope this helps..

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Check the heated seats work properly and the wear on the drivers bolsters can be bad on ford leather!! also check for broken elements on the heated window screen

Because its on a 52 plate if you can try work a cambelt change into the deal as well and as obvious as it sounds check for rust on the door lips and rear arches are bad on the focus to. Other than that the chic is a nice car with the grey paintwork and grey leather just take the chic badges off :P

Jeebo there all petrol

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I just got a CHIC just before christmas. Ive got a 52 plate with 77,000 miles on the clock. I think they were only made on a 02 and 52 and only available in the grey with a 1.6. Its alot nicer than my 1.8 zetec i had before it but i find it quite slow. The leather interior is alot better looking and it also has better alloys than the standard lx and zetec. Just make sure the heated seats work.

How much are u getting it for barmyarmy?? as alot of dealers over charge for the special editions like the EDGE, CHIC, INK AND BLACK models. I got mine down to £2250 cash which is cheap as some dealers are charging up to £3000 for them as they are quite rare.

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