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Cleaning the Idle speed control Valve?

Dan Lewis

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Hello all.

I have had this problem, where the engine will cut off when slowing down at junctions and Roundabouts, for about a month now. Have done a little research, and the common problem seems to be with the Idle Speed Control valve? Most of the times, cleaning the valve fixes this problem, however 1) Do no know where this valve and 2) Don't know how to clean it. I have brought some spray Carb cleaner, but i do not know what to do now. Can anyone help?



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Hi, I had a similar problem recently however it didn't turn out to be the valve in my case. Basically its bolted on two 8mm bolts on the front of the engine. It should be rite in front of you as you open the bonnet. It looks silver and is a sort of arrow shape.

Just unscrew the 2 bolts and disconnect the electrical connecter. The valve has 2 holes in it which you simply spray the cleaner into it to rinse out all the carbon deposits. Keep doing it until the cleaner drains without any dirt.

I have been told that cleaning this valve is only temporary as it is a sealed part. The only solution is to buy a new one from a dealer.

Before you do think about getting a new one, I would advice you to check whether your air filter is clogged up, and also clean out the throttle body.

Here's a link that might be of some help if your not sure on where parts are (also shows the idle air control valve) ;)


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