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Ford Focus 2008 (1.8 Petrol)


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Started my car up the other morning and it sounded like the exhaust was blowing. Left it running till warm and noise seemed to disappear – Tried the same thing the next day and the same happened. Could this be a loose Exhaust manifold as the noise seemed to be coming from the front of the car and disappears once warm (exhaust expands when warm so maybe leak is sealed?). The reason I think it’s this is because engine in this car was recently replaced so the connection of new engine to the exhaust system would need to have been made. There also seemed to be another noise from the engine whilst it was running but have put this down to the possibility of the manifold being loose.

I am taking this into the garage tomorrow for them to look at.

any thoughts or advice appreciated.


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If the engine was replaced (I presume under warranty) surely they should have ensured all the seals were good?

Yeah I would like to think they checked all seals but something not right! It sounds like an old VW beetle engine when you start it in the morning! Replacement was covered under warranty.

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garage has tested it today and can't find any faults. Left it with them overnight so it can be started in the morning as this is when the problem occurs - when started from cold. I find it strange they can't find a fault when I was driving to garage this morning I opended the window and I can hear a noise from underside of vehicle whilst I was accelarating which sounds like an exhaust blowing sound or something.

Hopefully they find something.

Watch this space

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