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Well It's All True


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Off your head fella.. No need to leave really is there?

Love forums i do, always get a mix of random people from random situations voicing totally different opinions..

All that and it's typed, so body language or tone of voice cannot be used to tell how comments are meant..

Read the Piggy debate and not taking no side or getting involved.. But surely there's no need to leave the forum.. More members the better not vice versa..

Joined in 09 and still here? Must be thought of otherwise you would have been pushed out by now..

Good luck in what ever you choose..

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Seriously though the original thread seems to have been deleted. WTF? (Google is your friend) :(

It hasn't been deleted, it's been closed - although linking to it and starting the circus all over again makes this thread even more ridiculous :huh:

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