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Rear Seat Speakers Not Working?


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Hi all

Discovered today that the rear seat speakers don't work?! I checked on the audio menu that the sound wasn't set to just driver, it's set to all, but still no sound from them!

Can anyone help me or suggest anything?

Many thanks


If your talking about the car you have named in your profile then I wouldnt hestitate in going back to the dealer,if your not talking about that one, what car then?

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You probably don't have rear Speakers, going by your post a while ago asking about retrofitting usb and bluetooth. Assuming you just have the two (three really) line display rather than the matrix in the middle of the car you only have the four front Speakers. You will also only have the balance audio option (left/right) and not fade (front/back) if this is the case.

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Hi Guys,


I have a 2009 Ford fiesta 1.4 style. The Speakers were working fine and now all of a sudden it sounds like the rear Speakers have stopped working. I've changed the head set and still the same. Only sounds like I have one front speaker working and very tinny. 

Any ideas what the problem is?

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