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Fuel Cost Petition , Please Sign.........


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Sorry I know these thongs are boring and repetitive but it only takes a few minutes to do. Costs Nothing and at least We have tried ??

Thanks Guys !!

Are we heading for the £7 gallon of fuel? Will it hit £8 later in the year?

Please, please forward this email to all your friends, work colleagues, family and everyone you know on Facebook and Twitter.

Even if you have not done this before, it could be the most important thing you can do to make a difference to everyone’s lives in the UK

Today it was announced that the inflation rate has increased significantly. The Chancellor is committed to a 1p rise ON TOP OF inflation. The fuel duty rise planned for April and the surge in inflation means that the duty rise will be even worse than anticipated. The affect of this will be to add a potential 23p to a gallon of fuel in April (5p per litre).

This has to stop. Enough is enough! 30 million motorists have had their full of shouldering this increasing cost and tax burden

But, there is a way that you CAN make a difference? Moreover, it will take you less than a minute or two! Please email all your friends, work colleagues, family and everyone you know on Facebook and Twitter

Simply go to www.fairfueluk.com and sign the on-line petition. What could be easier? Please tell everyone you know.

FairFuelUK, led by motoring campaigner Quentin Willson, will be taking the gathered signatures to 10 Downing Street on 2 March. So far, we have enough to fill nine sacks but we need more!

By adding YOUR name, we can make sure that the Prime Minister and the Chancellor are left in no doubt as to the huge injustice of the latest price hike proposals.

Please forward this to as many people as you can. With enough support, we CAN make a difference.

Don't forget to get a Car Sticker too, from the website

Thanks again and very kind regards

Quentin Willson

& the Fair Fuel UK Campaign Team


You are receiving this email because you signed the Fair Fuel UK Petition with this email address: obriencolin@yahoo.com

If you do not wish to receive notifications of what is happening in the Fair Fuel UK Campaign please Unsubscribe to FFUK

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