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4Th Year Service

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Hi my car is soon due for its 4th year service. Is it a major or minor service? What is entailed in this service?

My car description is on the left.

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depending on mileage will depend on what you will need doing. for mine i did:

- oil

- oil filter

- air filter

- cabin filter

- Fuel filter

my car was at 61500miles at this point.

if you have a DPF, this needs cleaning at 37.5k miles and replacing at 75k miles.

if you have additive, this needs refilling every 37.k miles

timing belt and drive belt, ford recommend you change at around 100k miles but haynes says 62.5k miles. im personally going to do it at 70ish.

obviously check your tires for wear and replace where necessary (including spare)

check the thickness and quality of brake pads and disks and replace where necessary.

you can check and replace, if you want, the other fluids such as brake/clutch fluid. coolant. powersteering fluid. regass the aircon. personnaly i just check them to see if they need topping up/replacing.

from a personnal note, i would also check all your wheel bolts to make sure they are not siezed and are strong enough to hold your wheel but also easy enough to take off if it is chucking it down with rain on a busy road if you have a puncture. also check the exhaust for any holes etc. people say it's a little over the top but its better to be pro-active then reactive in some cases.

hope this helps and makes sense

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so Ford does not have a standard maintenance programme as is the case with other makes.

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this is getting urgent now ...

my car requires a 4th year service by the end of this month ... along with an MOT.

i have called Dees of Croydon for a quote and this is what they have

1. Value service (oil, oil filter changed, but air filter not changed) - £99

2. £180 service, this is for vehicle over three years not requiring manufacturer's warranty -

3. £307.28 service, this is as by manufacturer's standard.

i have only covered 22k with the car. Which service should i go for

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id go for the the value service, nothing special needs doing at that mileage. personally i'd do it myself and save myself some ££'s.

just needs the oil, oil filter, air filter and cabin filter (optional).

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or if that link doesnt work go to http://www.etis.ford.com choose vehicle, Enter your reg number...

Choose "Generate a Ford Schedule", choose the car engine, mileage etc, and search. Choose the type (Major / Minor Service) and or convenience checks - generate a PDF!

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After much deliberation I decided to go for the £180 service. When I arrived at the Dees dealership in Croydon Purley Way I was told that the braking fluid was due for replacement (every 2 years) which will cost an additional £69.99. The MOT however was only £29.99 which was good value.

For that service: the air filter, oil and oil filter and spark plugs were replaced. They also produced a comprehensive checklist of all items they have looked at.

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