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Estate Rear Seat


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I need to collect a load of stuff from Norway in my '05 tdci estate for one of my sons, and I'm wondering what sort of job it will be to take out the rear seat to increase the load volume. Anyone done this?

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With the focus, they tend to be 60/40 "level" (i.e almost no difference except a little bump where they meet) is this not too convenient?

Otherwise I believe the procuedure is:

*Pull up the sitting part of the seat from the back, underneath it has some (8mm?) torx screws, first remove these and you can remove this part of the seat.

*empty the boot and lay flat the rear seats (I am not sure if there are any screws on the back so check this first!) if there are any, remove these screws then lock the seat upright.

*check the front of the seat where you removed the sitting part from, there should be further torx screws there to remove.

*once you have removed all screws, the seat can be laid flat and should then be a case of pull out (you may even need to 'levy' the seat in an angle to remove it.

Normally I just lay the seats flat and I have had filing cabinet and alsorts of other bits in the car!

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