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1.8 Diesel


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Hi Everyone, can anyone help. My 1.8 tdci Mk1.5 occasionaly seems to fire on three cylinders when pulling away. This may happen first thing or after driving a few miles. Runs ok, then when pulling away from a standing start it has no power, but no lights come on the dash. If i switch it off and re-start it, it goes back to normal. Tried a new diesel, and air filter but to no avail. Been told now it may be the accellerator potentiometer/ sensor. But as ive only had it for three months, and already spent out for a new exhaust pipe and clutch master cylinder, i dont want to spend much more on it if i dont need to. So any advice would be most welcome. Any advice anyone?

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Thanx leemaxd. Will try the cleaner first i think. As i,m 54yrs old and try not to touch the engine unless i have to. ( they a lot more complicated than they were in my day lol) if that does not work then i may try to take it off and clean it, thats if i can find it? Any idea where its located?. And how to clean it Plz.

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