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Windows Tinted


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hi folks,

just to let you know i got the car back, had it booked in to get the rears tinted...ive posted up the piccys.

got it done for £140! from netints.co.uk.

very happy with the results, just awaiting for it to dry now (around 48-72hrs)

going to go back next month and get security film on the front




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aii i think it looks smarter now lol should of washed the car and picked up the bin that fell over coz of the wind lol

just got to get used to the darkness that will come with it haha

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Nice job. Are they Dark Smoke?

I fitted Limo Black to my current car, but as I couldn't see a thing out of the back at night in an unlit street, I ended up fitting a reversing camera.

Ive ordered some precut tints in Dark Smoke for the new car when it arrives.

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all i know is the guy called it 20%, the one below limo. im going to remove the ZETEC badge next haha lol yeah i was thinking of putting reversing sensors and camera in the car but not 100% yet lol

i was well surprised when he said it guarenteed for 10 years, aslong as i own the car, so if i have a problem i just go back and he will sort it or get his mate at another location to lol

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its a very good quality film apparently...the guy who did (who owns the business) is in the army, so i got no reason to doubt him lol. that and he get work of the local jennings to tint their vehicle so its all good and for the warrenty...that just sweetens the deal.

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