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Fusion 2 Increased Road Nosie After Clutch Change

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Hi-Y'all. I have a 2005 Fusion 2. For various reasons I needed a new clutch and the ford main dealers swapped it for me. I was also hearingg a knocking noise when I let the clutch up after changing gear and they tried to sort this too. They said this knock was the anti roll bar bushes which needed "lubrication" I've never heard of this being necessary, but anyway it didn't sort the knock. However, since I got the car back the road noise has been intense. The garage say this is "tyres" Which it may well be, but I can't get them to accept that the tyres are as they have always been and the noise is increased ever since they did the clutch! Incidetally this isn't wheel balance as is definitely road surface and speed related and on some surfaces its deafening. Again- the wheels are as they have always been! Its a low rumble that seems to resonate through the can and there is a noticeable vibration in the wheel and even the floor panels. All of this is either new or worse since the clutch was swapped. Whether the problem is the way the thing was put back together (I understand the subframe has to come out) or whether it results from the spurious attenion to the ARB bushes I don't know. But I do know that road noise is incredibly hard to track down so can anyone suggest a cause? I am getting the wheel alignment rechecked tomorrow.

Incidentally if anyone has any comments on the slight knock when drive is re-engaged after gearchange they would be welcome too.- seem to be two of these noises- one actually seems to be audible clutch operation (even the new one) but the second sounds a bit like backlash in a rear differential- if that is I had one!

Cheers all


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