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Advice A Focus Ghia


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Hi I'm just about to purchase a focus 1.8 tdi 2002 ghia.

Only thing is when I do a Car data check report and put in the reg it comes up as a focus CL.

The car has ghia badges on rear quarters, door scratch plates, ghia alloys and has a very high spec. It's being sold as a ghia but is it?

Can the dvla have the model wrong? Seeing the logbook thursday.

Any Advice would be appreciated.


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Haven't picked it up yet.

Don't think I saw any cruise control, I think the extra stick was for the cd?

Lights in the footwell, not sure on either as it was sunny when I saw it.

I can confirm it does have these though....

Front heated screen

Air con

Electric heated mirrors

4 electric windows with total closure.

Electric front seat

Chrome tailgate trim

Arm rests front & rear & head rests.

Front fogs


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sounds like it either ghia or titanium. i myself have a zetec and only have a few of what you have listed.

the cruise control is normally on the steering wheel ei...4 spoke steering wheel, i have 3 spokes but i dont have cruise.

put it this way if the dealer is selling it as a ghia, it has to be by law otherwise false advertising comes into play.

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