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Uneven Tickover


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anybody got any idears why

Having a petrol Focus, I'm no expert on TDCI's so I'll leave that to others best suited to offer advice. However if you fail to get a viable answer, even though you have opened up two threads on the same subject in the same forum. Why not start yet another thread on the same subject, but this time using capitals [Higher Case]instead. :P

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Uneven tickover could be a number of things, anything from a clogged filter to a sensor playing up to a misfire.

1) is there any vibration with the car?

2) I can see its a 1.8 04 plate, how many miles has it done?

3) is the car regularly serviced and when was the last time?

4) what have you done to diagnose the problem?

5) what is the idle rev range that you see?

6) if you have the Trip Computer, have you run the tip at the top of the Focus Forums to see if there are any DTC codes?

At this point I would say its always good to start with changing air. oil and fuel filters, they are fairly cheap and can eradicate a lot of problems that have absolutely no methodical reason as to why it would display the symptoms you see.

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