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Jon Hunt

Batt Probs

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hi all Ford S-max 1.8TDCi zetec

A year ago nearly to date only after having the car 3 4 weeks from Ford it was dead nothing like some one took the batt out the car.

Fri same thing Dead jump leads on this time Started. Now batt fine and charge's have tested it.

few things i noticed if ya live door open for 5 10min say as ya loading it with kids etc Low batt warning on dash to me seams maybe the batt on its way out.

Also the Vec was only left out side for 5days with no use and it is most time left outside or over 8days and starts no prob. Sometimes even 10days and starts 1st time.

When car is used it does long trips 30miles Min if used so when it is started it does do miles to charge everything up not for just pop 2miles down the road to the shops.

Any idea's. Does it again then i go buy a new batt bigger and better as it still has it original just seams strange for a original batt to be playing up so soon. i fond batt over 8years old start to die.


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Have you tested the alternator's charge rate? Might be that it's insufficient to recharge the battery.

The other thing to remember is that lead acid batteries don't like being fully discharged. So after it went flat the first time, even after teh jump start, the battery could be permanently damaged.

If it is the battery, make sure you get one with sufficient CCA for your car and regularly check the battery fluid levels.

Another alternative is to get a sealed, gel type battery.

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has your vec got the right battery on it? if it has the smart charge system it should have a silver calcium battery fitted.

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Far as i can see it looks like the original but will have a good look 2moro in the light and see. Will get someone to check the car over as the eml light is now on before start and was never before Fri.

thanks Jon

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What age is your smax? This is a common problem on the 2006-2007 build cars and is fixed with a software update to the general electric module.

Basically the car doesn't shut the power down to the dashboard, radio & auto-lights properly meaning there's a drain on the battery even though the car is locked and appears to be doing nothing.

Faulty alarm module can also cause this issue.

Get over to the smax owners club website and download the relevant TSB articles and take it to your local ford dealer & ask them to check everything out.

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does the instrument stay "alive" after ignition off? known fault needing ic module and gem module software update. also another cause is a problem in alternator shaft. if you lift bonnet with engine running is the alternator making a strange noise? another cause is fuel fired parking heater may need software update....good luck and if you answer i can help you more, regards steve

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