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Mk7 Titanium - Usb/mp3 Audio "pops"

jamie burchell

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I have a strange issue playing MP3s created with dBpoweramp using "VBR -V 0 LAME 3.98.4" encoder. Basically, most of my MP3s start with an annoying "pop" before playing. I've tried different USB sticks - problem remains. The clicks and pops are always at the beginning and always in the same place/sound the same. The MP3s play fine in other players. This is happening with most of the MP3s.

MP3s downloaded by amazon etc don't seem to be doing it. They are a different version of LAME (3.98b)

Please help! It's driving me mad.



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It looks like the Ford MP3 player has a problem with VBR MP3 files. Anyone confirm this? Specifically popping/noise at the start.

I use LAME to encode at 192kbit VBR (I use it within MediaMonkey, but replace the supplied version with a download from http://lame.sourceforge.net/). I haven't heard any popping noises.

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Thanks for replying. That's strange, I'm using dbPoweramp with the latest version of LAME. I've tried different quality VBRs but most have this popping noise. There's a setting within the software to "force ISO support" and with that enabled the resulting VBR MP3 is OK. I guess the car doesn't support some feature.

Can you please post the LAME encoding string that MediaInfo or similar will show for one of your VBR MP3s so I can see what the difference is?


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