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Mk2.5 Focus Trip Computer


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I'm in Australia and looking to buy a new Focus TDCi 2 litre.

The "New Focus" isn't out here yet, so what I am looking at you would call a Mk2.5.

Here in AU, Ford use two letter codes for the model, so an equivalent to the UK Mk2 is an LS or LT, a UK Mk2.5 early is a LV and doesn't have bluetooth or voice control, the latest versions have bluetooth and voice control, and are called "LV Mark2". They only came out in October 2010.

Focii sold in Australia are assembled in South Africa (except XR5). Ford Australia seem a bit clueless when asking technical questions about them, which is why I am turning to you guys.

The ones sold here don't have an instantaneous fuel economy readout in the trip computer. The early ones (LT) did, they had the LCD screen. (grey display.) The later ones with the red LED display don't. Not happy about that. It is mentioned in the owners handbook, but the car doesn't actually have it. Checked with Ford AU - yes, that's how they are.

I'd like to find out if I can do anything to get an instantaneous fuel economy display. (import a module from the UK and plug it in, or get some software firmware update, or just get the feature turned on in some menu system.)

Dealer service departments have no idea about trying to turn on the feature. Ford AU technical people say it can't be done, but they don't sound confident and I'm not convinced.

Any suggestions please?


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