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Centre Panel

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I realise I'm a new poster so my request might seem a bit dodgy, but have been trying to sort this out for a little while now :blink:

Wife got a fusion 1 tdci from her dad in part ex for her old ratty bora tdi - which was faster, better on fuel, comfier etc but had loads of dents and bangs in it and various warning lights on the dash, so she did a swap and he traded that in on his c-max.

Only thing is, being a fusion 1 its proper poverty spec - wind your own windows and a casette (!) player. I bought another (Ford) cd player off ebay - don't know if it even works yet as I'm having a swine of a time getting the centre panel off!

I got the various screws off required at top, bottom, middle, pulled the panel away unhooked the hazard switch and heater cable, also air direction (blue twirly thing!) selector but there's something I can't see stopping me pulling the panel away far enough to get the old radio out. I can get to the screws but the panel just won't pull away far enough to remove it.

Bought a haynes manual (the burgundy one, for fiestas) as it's the nearest to it but that hasn't shed any light as there are different screws (and lower half of steering column plastics) to take off apparently on fiesta - can't see having to do that for the fusion.

So does anyone have a workshop manual or a parts fiche diagram of the heater console wiring on a fusion? There's one cable or wire - something that feels 'sprung' stopping me pulling the console away.

Put it all back now but left the screws out so I can get to it in 5 minutes, but this is annoying me now! Watch, I'll get the new cd player in and it'll be a duffer after all this hassle! Didn't even get a code for it <_< but figured that one out via the internet...

Also, in my Seat Leon I have a 20gig hard drive hooked up to the cd via the changer socket. Is there anything like that for fords? (Mine's called a 'phatbox' I bought in a group buy off Mkivs.net). Anything basically to bring the car into the 21st century as the spec of the thing wouldn't be out of place on an early 80s motor...

Can't complain - it was effectively, 'free' (sort of - her bora wasn't worth much and this has 18k miles on it) but it's a bit of a step down for her until we can afford something else. Or she has mine and I get something else :)

Cheers, Paul

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Hi Paul,

I saw a video on youtube, and was able to get the middle panel off fine, of course I can't put it back on now, as I pulled the springy cable connecting the heater direction switch out, and just joined the forum to try to work out where it goes back.


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I am at college at the mo but can post up the Fusion guide when I get in.

Note there is a specific Fusion Haynes manual available :)

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On an aside i'd actually prefer a tape player.... you can buy iPod adapters for very little money:)

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Ok, here goes :unsure: ;)


Firstly, I've never done this myself; I'm just quoting from the Haynes Destruction manual so bear with me...

Secondly, the manual states that there's two different procedures: one for models pre and post October 2005 and as it says your car's a 54 plate I'm going on the ''pre'' version so hope that's right :)

To get the radio out you have to remove the heater control panel first (which I think is what you're struggling with looking at your comments)

You have to:

  • Open drivers' storage compartment and remove 2 screws at the top
  • Remove drivers' lower facia panel under steering column (3 screws securing at the bottom then 'pull' to release it)
  • Remove two screws below the heater panel
  • Remove upper storage tray to access two screws....remove them
  • Prise out four switches on side of panel disconnecting plugs
  • Disconnect temperature control cable (in drivers' foot well reach up at the side of the heater box....Haynes have kindly provided one very poor photo of its location and position....sorry I cant offer any more on that front)
  • Pull heater control panel away releasing two clips at the top...won't yet come all the way....
  • Disconnect air distribution cable (which I think you've done....blue twirly thing lol)
  • Withdraw panel a bit more.....
  • Disconnect all wiring plugs from the back of the panel
  • Withdraw panel fully feeding the temp. cable through

To then remove the radio remove 4 screws (top 2 and bottom 2) securing the radio in place and withdraw/disconnect wiring.

Reading your post back and comparing with the procedure above I'm thinking (hopefully) it's just the drivers' facia panel/s that will get you where you need to be.

Hope this helps :)


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