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Hello And Maybe You Could Help.

gazza d

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Hello everyone!

I'm a new owner of a very tidy blue 2001 zetec s with 85k miles on the clock.

I only have 1 issue which isn't major but thought I would check if it's a easy fix before sending her off to the garage. On cold starts in the morning it takes a few seconds to start (3-5 seconds) and when sound like a little struggle but when it starts it's fine. Idles fine and revs fine with no misfires. Drives perfect. Start it again if you make a stop and It will start no problem. Only seems to be the 1st time on cold.

Will send it off for a full service soon but want sure if this problem was common?

Thanks for any input everyone and see you on the black stuff.

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Do you give the throttle a blip before starting? If so, dont as Fords dont like it when cold. When hot you may have to use the throttle on occasions.

Apart from that a service may be all it needs (including plugs, leads and air filter).

Good luck with the new motor.

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Thanks for the reply. I don't pump the fuel before starting but when it's cranking over from cold it helps if you give the peddle a little press to fire it quicker and smoother. Will have give her a big service and a check over.

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