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Fiesta Timing Belt Change Help Please !


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Hi to all !!!!

This is my first post and I am asking for help, apologies !!!!!

I am contemplating changing a timing belt on a 2006 Fiesta 1.4 and have a Haynes Manual, what I am a little unclear about is the Timing Locking Pin and the extent of its use in this instance ?, Haynes does not state using the locking pin for undoing the crankshaft pulley bolt ?.

Can I in essence & in summary,

* Rotate engine to TDC

* Insert the crankshaft locking pin into the engine

* Loosen crank bolt

* Remove cam cover

* Fit camshaft timing bar

* Leave the bar and pin in place, whilst removing and refitting the timing belt

* Remove camshaft bar

* Tighten the crankshaft bolt

* Remove locking pin

* Then rest of refitting etc etc.

Haynes instructions are quite good in general, had no such ambugity with doing a 1.6 TDCi belt.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Regards Sham

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you will find the pulley bolt to be very tight and may need some impact help to remove it, i would not use the locking pins to assist with the removal of the bolt, your better off with a flywheel lock tool something like this.


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Hi Minitalkin..

Thanks for the response, I will buy the locking kit anyway, need it for the TDC setup and camlock, however I will take your advise and buy this tool anyway,

"will elaborate for anyone else reading this, Camcover will have to be removed anyway to ensure correct alignment of TDC, once at this stage if you cant undo the Crank pully bolt, you will be stuck and if you want to put back together the car to use, if you cant re use the old camcover gasket, you will have to use the new one you purchased for this job and you might not be able to re use again on your 2nd later attempt at this job. They are about 25 quid each, so better to lock the flywheel and you know you can get the bolt off!"

In the case of a Fiesta 1.6 TDCi, there is a hole in the engine / gearbox housing specifically for locking the flywheel which makes the job a piece of cake, hence Im confused why they made this 1.4 petrol such a pain ?...

Minitalkin: just a little clarification, in this Fiesta 1.4 petrol Duratec setup, I would have to remove the starter motor to fit this locking tool ?, a sincere thanks for your response..

Regards Sham

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