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A Few Questions


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I've got a few questions I'm hoping someone on here can answer for me!

1) Should the insultation material behind the nearside rear wheel be clipped into place? There's a white piece of metal folded up vertically making a slot in which I think this material should sit, but isn't (the offside one has a similar setup which has got the material sat behind) - meaning it moves a bit when pushed. I tried putting it in there but it's too stiff to move that far, it seems to be restricted by the metal fastner on the bodywork on the inside of the wheel. Would anyone mind having a look at theirs to compare?

2) In the same wheelarch, out of curiosity, there's two metal pipes side by side which go from somewhere in front of the wheel to behind it, then up into the bodywork (touching the fuel overflow rubber tube). I assume the fatter one is the fuel filler pipe, but what's the other?

3) Over the past few months I've noticed wet on the rear diffuser in the two central openings, which looks like it's dripped from above the opening onto the flat surface beneath. On closer inspection this seems unlikely as it just stops where the plastic curves up, and there's no evidence of it coming from anywhere higher. It's got a very slight smell to it, nothing I recognise, seems yellow in colour and doesn't feel sticky. I'm sure I wash it off when I clean the car, then it comes back again. Any idea what this could be?


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