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Air Condition Drain?


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Does the mk7 fiesta have one and where is it located?

Does anyone also know where the recirculating vent is inside?

correct me if im wrong but isint the air condictioning unit and pipes highly pressiured with nitrogen, not sure if its somthing that is bled think you just top up the pressiure in the pipes, halfrauds sell a can of coolant gas top up with a pressiure gauge on the top, dangerous task to under take, id recommend leaving that one to the garage mate.

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Sorry if there's any misunderstanding but I was referring to a drainage point where the condensed water gathers and exits the vehicle.

Didn’t know such a part existed, i need more education onthe operations of the air conditioning system in a car.

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correct me if ime wrong but i dont belive there is a place where the air con actually "drains off".

I think its just that the condensation actually drips of the air con unit, onto the road as it gets so cold compared to the outside ambient temp.

As regards to the recirc vent i cant help :|

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