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Whats The Difference Between Mk7 Headlights?


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ive noticed recently that the lower spec models have darker headlights whereas the zetec s has clear headlights. anyone know the difference, if any apart from aesthetics?

my zs is black and think the darker headlights would be a great addition... unless anyone can put me off!

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could well be something as basic as that i guess. brighter bulbs, easy solution!

did you ever see beckhams matt black porsche? proper tinted headlights on that badboy


Need to remind you that this is a Ford Owners Club lol :D

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As above, the only difference is the chrome headlamps have projector lens' over the dipped beam. The black ones don't.

You could take the chrome ones apart and spray them, looks nice on a black car imo.

Other than the projector lens' and colour they're exactly the same, same bulbs, even same beam pattern

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