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Steering Rack Query


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Hi All

Found a patch of what I thought to be oil on the drive recently, took a look under car and found one side to be soaked. Took the car to ford as I need it for a long journey and wanted to make sure everything was safe. Was told that it wasn't an oil leak but it was the power steering rack. They explained that it was quite a costly job to fix and that I should be ok in the meantime just topping it up as they have never known a unit to just fail. It's been several weeks since I took the car to the garage and I have never had to top up the power steering fluid. Confused by this??

The car is coming up for an MOT, do I need to sort the power steering rack problem before the mot, will it fail if I dont get it sorted?

I was quoted £800 ish for fitting with Ford parts or £400 for non-ford parts. Does this sound about right?

Any help appreciated.

Thanks ;-)

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That is quite odd about the steering rack are you sure it wasn't a pipe for fluid? Little story about my incident two weeks after i got my fiesta. I clipped a big kerb because i felt someone was pushing me over late at night and of course i got a big thud. When i took it to ford a new tire and steering rack had to be replaced as it had bent on one side. They quoted me that it would cost a couple thousand to fix. I decided to let the insurance take care of it becuase of that. Another ford dealer said it would just cost 260 pounds including labor to replace the actual steering rack. I think i dodged a bullet on this one because i just payed it myself and canceled the claim.

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