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Stereo Turns Itself On Once I Lock The Car... Help!


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Hi all,

New to the forum and looking for some advice.

As of the last 3 days I've noticed when I go to my car in the morning for the daily commute my car stereo is on and the radio is playing.

Models is Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec - '07 plate - Petrol with stock cd/radio

The problem only seems to be once I lock the car and leave. When I am driving the stereo is fine. When I park in the driveway I turn the stereo off, turn the ignition switch off and get out the car and lock it. Almost exactly 40 seconds or so after I lock the car the stereo powers on, displays '1 hour' and the radio plays! Annoyingly it doesnt go off after one hour and will stay on all night. I've had to leave it on the AUX input when I leave the car so that its not playing music all night.

Anyone come across this before or have any idea to the solution???

Thanks in advance


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You're right - It's a CD6000

By talking to Ford, what do you mean exactly? Is this a known fault and can be rectified by Ford free of charge? Or is it a case of coughing up to get a new Stereo?

Also, are you aware of any other sites where this problem is documented?

Many Thanks for the response.

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there are other forums with the problem documented,ford should know about the problem but getting them to admit it and rectified it free will be like getting blood from a stone,you could try customer services on 0845 841 1111.

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Just a quick update to say the problem has been sorted. I removed the radio and made sure all wiring was connected OK and also repositioned the bundle of wires. No problems as of yet. I can only assume this was a bad connection somewhere

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  • 2 years later...

Has this problem returned or was it just down to a bad connection?

I've a 04 C Max and the radio has started to turn its self on in the night resulting in a flat battery each morning and annoyed neighbours.

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