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my ford mondeo mk3 1.8 HE duratec is dead

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i bought this car a couple of days ago, from a car garage saying thats the car was in good condition but the engine was hard to start but did start but was rough, upon getting it home via recovery we started to do some checks to find the problem first of all we did a compression test and found this cylinders 1, 3, 4 had 200 psi of compression but cylinder 2 had zero compression by this we was puzzled, we then proceded to remove the rocker cover to see if it had dropped a valve on No. 2 cylinder we found nothing still puzzled by this, we thought for a while and then my mate turned the engine over and as i looked down cylinder 2 sparkplug hole i noticed the piston wasn't moving but all the others were!!!!. i then put all the top of the engine back toghter then moved onto removing the sump upon doing this i was shocked to what i found, the previous owner has revved the engine so hard the conrod on cylinder 2 has snapped and smashed a hole the size of 4 inches in length by an inch wide in the rear of the engine block and has also smashed the bracketing that holds the crankshaft and pistons in place, its lucky it only needs a new lower block as the top is ok, so be warned dont over rev your engine or this might happen to you.

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