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Wheel Upgrade


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Hi all,

I currently have a MK2 Focus Ghia with the awful looking 6.5 x 16 wheels on it. I have been offered a set of 17 x 7.5" wheels off a MK2.5 ZETEC S but I want to know if they will fit before I buy them. Ive done a lot of searching and im getting different results for offset, some are saying +38 to +45 and others are saying 52. The wheels ive been offered are 52.5mm offset and a 5x108 stud position.

Does anyone know if the MK2 and MK2.5 use the same wheels or know the offset and stud for a MK2 Focus.


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Thanks for the reply.

I just spoke to him and he has now told me that they are off his fathers Kuga not his Focus and have 235/55/17 tyres on them.

Will these still fit? The tyres will need changing soon so I will put smaller, lower profile ones on but for the time being will 235/55/17 rub anywhere. He says they are 52 offset.

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The offset and the PCD are the same. According to the calculator it is 13mm more towards the inner wing and 13mm more towards the outer wing, so basically does anyone have 225 tyres on their car and do they rub?

I dont think 13mm sticking out more will clear the wing so they will still be legal. The rolling diameter is very close to 205/55/16 if I use either 215/45/17 or 225/45/17 so rubbing the top of the arch isnt a problem either.

Ill give them a try and let you know. Unless someone can give me a reason not to.

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