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Jacking/supporting 2008 Focus Estate


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Its often the first problem a DIY motorist needs to figure out when they get a new motor... where to place the trolley jack & axle stands, when raising either the front or the rear.

I've been working on my own cars for 20 years, the question always comes up when I get a new one, and Haynes is sometimes not much help as for the Focus. I generally lift the front using main subframe bolt point, then axle stands under the sill jacking points, rear depending on advice.

This question has been asked for Focus a few times online but I can't see a definitive answer. eg:

http://www.focushacks.com/images/jacking.gif - doesnt make a lot of sense to me, why would a point be OK for stands but not jacking? Also the solution is not acceptable for the rear- you would jack using sill jack points, and put stands close together in the middle of the car, that would not support the rear at all!!

also this-


I know its very basic stuff, but its always a bit daunting on a new car- you'd rather pay a garage to do the work than cause any body damage. So if an experienced mechanic would be so kind to answer with trolley jack lifting points and corresponding axle stand points, for a 2008 Focus Estate, thanks.

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Haynes just mentions the 4 sill points for scissor-jack / 4-post lift.

Digging around, it seems lifting the front in one go using the off-centre main subframe bolt is the way to go. Not too sure about the rear. Seems folk try and extend the sill jack points with a length of wood, jack up and then try to place axle stand as close to the jack point as possible. I've done that on other cars, but it feels like a bit of a "hack" if you know what I mean.

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Yeah unfortunately though nowadays they dont want to educate you in how to fix it yourself. The days of the user holding a spanner are long gone unfortunately :( I would say the best place to place axel stands, is closer to the wheels or as far as reasonably possible on the thickest / widenst part of the subframe...

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well, tis me again. Have used the rear crossmember as shown here for axle stands..


but at the front I'm not sure what's best. The focushacks diagram looks like it recommends point [1] in my pic below, the wishbone rear anchor point, but that doesn't seem like a great idea as there's nothing above it. Point [2] in red would seem better, where the bracket is bolted on to the subframe, but point [3] in blue seems the best to me as it looks like that's where the subframe is bolted to the body, and likely to be the strongest point??

what do you guys do??


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Cheers for the reply, point 3 it is. I usaully jack on the sill jack point on my cars.

Where do you put stands at the rear? searching around the internet there are various thoughts... the crossmember seems to be favoured but some reckon its not that strong. I think I'd rather jack in one go on the crossmember and put stands on the rear sill jack points, but the focus hacks diagram doesn't recommend it for jacking :-/

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