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Focus Service Without Invalidating Warranty


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Hi All,

Pretty simple question really.

I have a 59 reg Focus and it's due it's 2nd service later this month, also it is still within warranty. In order that I don't invalidate my warranty do I need to get it serviced at a Ford garage or is it quite acceptable to get it serviced somewhere else such as Kwik Fit (they are a lot cheaper)?

I assume it all comes down to whether or not they find anything wrong with the car, and if so that they use authentic Ford parts when they fix it?

Thanks in advance!


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I think as long as they keep to the official service schedule and use genuine Ford parts u should be ok. However I wouldn't trust kwikfit to do much more than change my tyres. You'd be best getting a few quotes from a few dealers and good independents. if you do go to a Ford dealer they can fix things that are covered under warranty.

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Correct as long as they maintaing and change everything in accordance with the official service schedule and use only Ford approved parts for replacement, all Warranties are upheld :)

well done that man :lol:

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