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Well I've gone and done it and bought myself a Focus (Picking it up tomorrow), however the one I've gone for is lacking a bit on kit, well it made more sense to buy a pre-registered car rather than spend double the money on getting a new one :P

Was wondering how much it would cost to have the voice control bluetooth added (would rather the dealer/garage done it as I'm not very good at things like that) and a set of alloys, obviously don't need tyres as the ones I have should be fine?

Any help appreciated :)

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Well having picked the motor up I spoke to the parts counter and they have quoeted £120 a corner for alloys :o looks like I won't be getting them from Ford :lol: and reckon I couldn't get the official voice control bluetooth fitted after market and recommended a Parrott, I'm sure I saw a link on here about them the other day but can't seem to find it now :huh:

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£120 a corner!!!!!!!!!

Stff that, you could get a nice set of after market alloys cheaper than that!!!!

Tell me about it, that was just for each wheel, not even with a tyre (not that I need tyres as mine are fine) or fitting!!!!

TBH the steels don't look that bad

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