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Dpf Question Again Soz!!


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hi all, have read that the dpf system is put on to meet the 2009 euro 5 emissions standards.

so will models before this pass an MOT without it fitted. are there any problems associated with removing it. or just leaving it with a light on the dash. my days of wasting money changing cars every few years are gone, gonna keep em till they die from now on so warning light in dash i can live with.

anyone know a site that lists cars without them fitted??


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Basically there are two euro compliancies, Euro 4, previous TDCI's and Euro 5 - more modern ones. they all incorporate the DPF or CDPF to ensure that the emissions are not too high / toxic. as a result, your car will still pass as long as its compliant with emissions standards. Dont worry, releasing Euro 5 Compliancy does not mean you need to make sure your Euro 3/4 is upgraded to meet Euro 5.

As long as minimum standards are met you wont have any issues.

As to the DPF, and a site, I havent come across one, but a good local knowledge of these cars can help. for example, 1.8 didnt tend to have them on, 2.0 was optional, 1.6 was mandatory.

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Sure i have read on here before that removal is illegal.

Recall a thread where there was a company that just removed the inside and left the Shell, people asked questions and i am pretty sure the result was it wasn't allowed.

Although the question is how much attention do they actually pay - just stick a probe in and get results - doubt they bother with much else.

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I did a lot of research on it, as far as the DfT / VOSA are concerned it IS illegal, primarily because it allows more carcinogens into the environment, regardless of how careful / much tweaking is done to reduce the emissions. But then why would it be fine on a 1.8 but not a 1.6??

Its one of those mysteries but if VOSA set up a roadside test, saw a high / unusual reading, they have an obligation as far as they are concerned to look deeper into the car, on seeing the DPF removed, you could always plead ignorance but it wouldnt get that far...

The thread I had was "DPF Removal"..."I wonder"... Will try dig it out if you fancied a read.

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