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Air Con Not Working Correct

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Hello, I have just joined this forum having recently getting a 2007 Ford Fusion Style 1.4 petrol model. I have had the car for about 4 months which had a 3 month warranty on it at the time. After about a week when I bought it I noticed the aircon was not very cold so the dealer checked it over and said that they had regased it and checked for leaks. This was a lot better but not as cold as the one on my Skoda Octavia that I had before.After about a month it went faulty again so it was back to the dealer again who said that this time they regased again and added a dye to see if there was any leaks which they said there was none. Its now out of warranty and its gone again. I have checked over the the pipes etc and I can not see any dye marks.The Switch lights up on the dash but there does not seem any changed to the engine revs on tick over which happened on the skoda. Is there a fan that should run when the aircon is switched on on the Fusion?. Has anyone advise?

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You will need a UV lamp and yellow lensed glasses to see any leaks from your air con.

Most likely the condensor in front of the radiator as this can be damaged by stones.

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I had the same problem with my fouus, had regas, still was not right, in the end it with the rad cooling fan, it does two jobs, when the aircon is on it runs at half speed to keep the condenor cool, it cost me over £200 to get a new one and fir it my self...have a look at yours and see if it comes on with the air con, if its not working the aircon pipe will go cold then hot,cold and so on, if it seems that the fan is not working, you can test it, find the rad power plug disconect it and put two wires from battery one will be red and one black, this will show you if it needs to be replaced.

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