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Is This A Clutch Problem?


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Recently purchased from dealer fusion 2 1.6 o3 plate

I am used to driving automatic for last number of years so am uncertain what to do if anything with this manual

On starting off in first I sometimes get a lot of judder from the front of the car, when it's rolling it is fine and other gears are fine and I have no problem changing gear. It does not happen all the time but if am turning at lights say, then it will especially happen then

Also and whether it is related, again sometimes in first but nearly ALWAYS in reverse I get a noise, its not exactly a squeel but imagine the noise made by dragging a heavy metal container along the ground.

So not being used to manuals, does this sound like a problem or is it a feature I will learn to love?

The car is going back to the dealers wednesday for some adjustment on bumper he did not do in time for collection, and as with all dodgy warranties I don't know if i can demand that it is looked into for free.

Please any advice welcome

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I would suggest letting the dealer drive your car and give an opinion, if you are convinced there's a problem the dealer should/have to look into it, after all you do have rights when buying a used car from a dealer.

The judder you describe to me sounds like a little bit of clutch judder, this could be caused by lots of things. However, I had an old car years ago which had terrible judder when the engine was cold, we took out the gearbox and found the clutch springs were knackered. The springs help the take up of the clutch and absorb vibrations.

The noise in first gear and reverse could be your gearbox, however have you checked for anything stuck under the vehicle? It sounds strange but sometimes this could cause a noise, and of course when you're driving faster you probably wouldn't hear it what with the engine and general noise inside the vehicle.

Hope that helps a little bit,


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