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I have the KA Titanium (2011) with built in bluetooth and USB. The problem is when I press the voice option command to call somebody and the voice recognition is activated it recognises the name I ask for...for an example "Call Steve". It then repeats my command and says "Call Steve". When I say "Yes" it just isn't picking this up. It recognises "No" straight away. It does pick up the "yes" every now and again but it's few and far between and this is normally when the car is stationary and even then it's not often. It's quite frustrating because I am saying it very clear and have even tried saying "Yes" loud but it still doesn't work. Does anybody have any solutions to the problem or also experiencing this issue? I have not had the car long so I am thinking of taking this issue up under it's warranty assuming it covers this? I don't think it is a problem with the Speakers because it is recognising who I am asking it to call etc but just not when I say "yes". Any advice would be appreciated

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