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What Part Do I Need For 1 Touch Windows

focus steve77

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Hi was wondering if anyone knew what part is needed fro 1 touch up & down windows as my zetec has only 1 touch down drivers side and i would like 1 touch up & down both drivers side and passenger.......?

Is it just as easy as change the relay/regulator on the motor or switch.....?

Many thanks in advance

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1 - Output to the power window motor

2 - Input from the power window switch

3 - Power in to the module (splice into the power wire that feeds the power window switch)

4 - Connection to the other direction on the power window motor

5 - Ground

Is this the sort of thing i would need, maybe from a scrapyard from a ghia mondeo/focus etc...?

Any ideas


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Or more like this below, someone must have done this mod on a mark 2 focus...?

Turn the switch connector on its side (So the window-up arrow is on the left) and look at the back where the wires go into the socket - mentally label the pins like so:

Right this is where you need to start cutting wires. First up is the easy one, cut the solid black (ground) wire that runs to pin 5. Now reconnect it in a Y junction with the original two pieces and the black wire from the relay assembly. I suggest crimping the connections as it offers a quick and easy way of doing so, but use small crimp connectors!

Now on pin 7 you will find a heavy Violet cable with a white/yellow streak. Cut this one and again reconnect it in a Y junction together with the Violet cable with the Orange streak from the relay assembly. This is the Ignition Fed 12V Constant supply, and you can check this with a volt meter against pin 5 (Ground)

Now cut the yellow cable with the violet streak in it (Pin 4), this is the down feed to the motor. You will now have two ends to this cable, which I'll call the switch end and the loom end for clarification. You need to connect up the Yellow/Violet cable from the relay assembly to the Loom end. The Yellow/Green cable from the relay needs to be connected to the switch end.

If you use the heavy yellow/violet from pin 6 instead of pin 4 then the one-touch will only work from the drivers switch and not from the passengers side.... hey you might want to wire it that way! Many thanks to SIPanther from the MEG for pointing this out!

This is how it should end up looking, notice the yellow/violet cable from the switch is no longer connected strait through. So to summarise:

Relays black cable to switches black cable

Relays violet with orange streak cable to switches violet with yellow streak cable

Relays yellow with green streak cable to switch end of yellow with violet streak cable

Relays yellow with violet streak cable to loom end of yellow with violet streak cable

Remember to use insulting tapes on all the joints to avoid shorts. Its also important to remember that some of these cables carry around 10amps so connections need to be secure and capable of carrying this current.

It should take you around 40 minutes to complete this job but take your time ensuring you get the correct cables. When you'll end up with is a one-touch down effect (controllable from both passengers and drivers switch) on the passengers window. Its also possible to do this mod to the rear windows should you wish.

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