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Engine Systems Fault


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Fors Focus 1.8 Diesel 2006

I am getting a warning message of an engine system fault. No other warning lights coming on. Switch engine off and restart and message has disappeared. However, a few miles later (anything from 5 to 30 miles) and the warning message comes back.

No obvious loss of performance, although when the engine is under pressure e.g going uphille or accelerating hard, there is a lot of black smoke from the exhaust.

Any suggestions as to possible cause before I take it in to the Ford dealer? The simple dashboard diagnostic check shows no fault code.

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Ah hah! you see it wasnt a schoolboy error - I remember somewhere I have spoken to an unlucky fella who actually did have a 1.8 and DID have a DPF! I can swear it was somewhere on here!

90% of the time the rule is right = 1.8 = no DPF, but you do get the exceptions!

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Can't say your tell porkies ;) lol but all my research into it said they don't as the 1.8 is the only 8v engine (older engine i think)- all the others are 16v

I can see here that several versions of the 2 litre and 1.6 do and don't which makes buying one a pain in the !Removed!. http://www.parkers.co.uk/cars/reviews/ford/focus-hatchback-2005.aspx?page=7

I bet if some dude with a mark 2 1.8 tdci had a DPF then it was some garage ripping them off at some point in time!!

but it could also be a possiblity thats for sure - i mean the amount of motors of the same spec which are so different is unbeleivable - Zetecs & titaniums with drums on rear instead of disks, the motors with out footwell lights, the ones with the them and no bulbs, the ones that should but don't!!!! etc

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