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Problems After 1.8 Tdci Fuel Filter Change

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Hi hope someone can help, i'm having problems with our Focus after servicing last week.

Followed haynes guide for changing Fuel Filter ( Or so i thought) removed connectors etc replaced filter etc reconnected etc nothing. Then realised the Haynes book mentions right at the end system needs to be reprimed.

After googling found refilling filter with diesel helps tried this, fired after a couple of attempts then dies again. Dashboard said there was an engine management fault.

Any way called my mechanic mate, who said it should be self priming. However eventually we got it going by bleeding by loosing of the the injectors.

Now after a couple of days there is a distinct loss of power, particularly accelerating.

Is there still air in the system? Does is still need presurrising? There is no error message on dashboard.

There seems to be some debate as to where the seal should go either under the filter cartridge or over the top between the lid.

Can anyone advise?

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i did a guide on this, using my 1.8 2006 tdci as subject. i have to say being common rail loosening the injectors was the totally wrong thing to do...you might have to get them re-tightened to the correct NM etc.

i too followed the haynes and went to start the car, where it would initially go for like 10 secs and die. to bleed it, fill the fuel housing to the brim with diesel so that diesel will spill out when you put the filter and lid on. start the car and it will struggle at first but work it self to the correct pressure etc.

i always got engine fault on display when i couldnt start it...check the link in my sig and the guide posted on the focus section

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Thank you thats great i will try again in the morning.

Can you remember where the O ring needs to go?

Does it go under the filter ? i.e between the collar of the filter cartridge and the bottom of the housing?

Or does it go over the top of the filter : betwenn the filter cartridge and the top of the housing?

Either way the O ring seems too big and moves around as you screw it together.

Many thanks

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in terms of assembling the fuel filter housing:

1) fuel filter housing is full to brim with diesel

2) rubber seal ring goes on top

3) filter clips onto the lid

4) lid and filter goes onto housing.

so the rubber ring is a seal between housing and filter top.

the ring will move a little, but make sure no gaps are present as air will get in and stop you starting the car and or crappy performance.

it took me a few attempts first and second go but no i can do it like a click of my fingers. its a shame your not in the north east area or i would of popped round and do this for you and show you for next time.

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