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Fiesta Stalling

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hi there i have a mk4 1.25 fiesta i notised a split in a air pipe right infront of the air intake pipes its 3 small pipes joined by a little plastic t piece ive renewed them but when the cars cold and i dip the clutch at t juntion it stalls on me when its done a few miles its fine so my question is whats wrong with it thanks nick

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This sounds like the idle air control valve, I helped someone else earlier with similar problems of poor performance and a jerky engine. Check out the thread here.

The idle air control valve is the equivalent of a choke on an older engine with a carburettor. It's responsible for controlling the air intake (and therefore fuel injectors) when the engine is cold allowing it to idle correctly.

When you start the engine while it's cold do the revs seem to jump about a little bit? Maybe going between 2,000rpm and 800rpm and struggling to keep running until it eventually stalls if you don't give it some gas?

The idle control valve is located near the throttle body and it might help removing it and cleaning it out inside, you can buy special cleaning stuff but you're just as well using a bowl of petrol. It can be located near the throttle body and you need to remove the valve as it could be sticking.

It's really easy to do and might just sort out the problems you are both having?

Hope that helps a little bit anyway :)


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