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X Reg Fiesta Speedo Not Working

will gleed

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hi, im new and just bought a ford fiesta on an x reg for my girlfriend to run about in, however the speedo just packed in today and i have searched and cannot find what i am looking for, if you have covered this ( and i am sure you have) please can you link me to it.

any way if anyone has a crude drawing or diagram of where the cable is on the gear box and where it connects behind the dash, that would help so i can check to see if it has snapped, also can anyone tell me a good parts retailer online ? and lastly can anyone tell me how complex a job this is. thankyou.

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I don't think your car has a speedo cable, most now are operated electronically from wheel speed sensors (which are used for ABS too, if fitted).

For example on my MK5 (or MK4 facelift) which is late 2001 there's no speedo cable and it is operated via the ABS/wheel speed sensors. These are located on the front wheels of my particular car and they look like little cogs (this bit turns with the wheel) and a sensor mounted on the hub (which detects the magnetic pulses changing as the cog turns, hard to explain lol).

Anyway if you haven't got a speedo cable (which I suspect you haven't) that's why you aren't able to see anything looking around the gearbox, what you need to do ideally is get the car in the air (axle stands if going underneath!) and check to see if you can find these particular items which will be located around your front brakes, you'll be able to trace a wire down onto the sensor and it may have broken or get dirty and therefore stopped the ECU detecting your speed from the wheel speed sensor.

Just my thoughts anyway, hopefully someone more experienced with your particular year of Fiesta will be able to help more than me.


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sorry for late reply, I took the wheel off and couldn't see what you described.. took me a while to get under and look because of the bad weather, it seems to be working intermittently as well now, which is annoying. and thinking about it i don't think i have ABS... confused.com

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Hmmm, confused.com without a doubt! Can anyone else help on this one? Maybe it does use a speedo cable then, but saying that my MK2 Punto didn't have ABS and still used a wheel speed sensor for the speedo and it was all electronic, I would have assumed it would have been a similar setup on your Fiesta.

If it's working on and off then it must be a dodgy connection somewhere, I'm still thinking if it was cable operated it would either work or not.

I'm at a loss now mate tbh, sorry... Hopefully someone else can give their opinion?

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