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What Models Have Front Screen Quick Clear ?

mr benn

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Hi all.

Looking to buy an older Focus for the first time, but I want to have one that does NOT have the quick clear front screen , as the lines do my head in !

I have seen Zetec 1.6 without them, but only automatics.

Can anybody kindly tell me which Focus models didnt have the front screen clear ?

Appreciate any help here .

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Most of the Zetec range upwards have them, if youi go for Style / LX / Studio etc they dont tend to have them, you could always buy the car you want and replace the screen!

A brick through the window, a call to your insurer and asking to replace it with a non heated - they will bite your hand off at the chance... saves them paying three or four times more the heated windscreen!

in all seriousness though, you could just replace the windscreen, or go for a lower range model. Some high spec Focus (first owners) may have requested no heated screen at build.

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Depending on the age of the motor your looking at - i think pre 2005 all models except the titanium and Zetec non climate pack didn't have them. post 2005 zetec models its std "i think!!"

You can look for a Sport model which don't have them (or any lower spec as jeebo said), or a zetec without the climate pack dependant on age obviously.

When you say they do your head in - can i ask how long you looked, drove, or whatever a car with the heated screen???

I remember when i first got my escort with the heated screen it took about a week or 2 to stop focusing on the wires rather than the road ahead but now they are invisable - and i would HATE to buy a car without this fanastic feature!!!

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Thanks for the replies guys.

My wife will be driving the car mainly, so the only time I might drive it is for longer journeys, so i wont get the chance to drive it concistently to get used to the wires. I just have to admit I fall into a the 'nutty' brigade on this one :angry:

I have seen a 1.6 Edge (04), Ghia (54) and Zetec (56) with them . But then did drive a 56 Sport today that hasnt. So seems quuite hit and miss which have them.

Waiting for a main Ford dealer to confim what mileage some other Zetecs have , and will then check if they have the dreaded Quick clear !

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Forgot about the Ghia - i presume that they have it std, The 06 zetec will as std from 2005. Alot of zetec tend to have the climate pack installed - not seen a sport with one. Edge - never looked at cars that old.

If its just for the wife - save your money on the upper models and just get her a LX - plenty of them about to choose from :P

TDCI or petrol??? If diesel u know about the DPF??

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