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Fiesta Problems


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hi there i wish some one could help me,ihave a p reg fiesta that will start and run no matter how long it's left,the trouble is it does not have any guts when you get upto 30mph.have changed plugs,air filter,fuel filter.put on differrent mass air senser and catt all not making any difference.there no miafire or surging of any kind.help.

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Orcomma beat me to it. It still thinks the error it had is there so its protecting itself because it hasnt been reset like a mechanic would have.

Hope it works.

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have now tried disconecting the battery,but still no difference,still starts and runs ok but no power after 30-40mph.

Sorry mate been out all day. In that case your best bet is to ring around local garages and see if they have the technology to reset the safe running modes on your particular car. The people that do remaps may be willing to help too but just dont let them hard-sell you a remap because engines dont tend to do very well as, though the actual engine may be capable other parts may not. For example a Mini First with about 75bhp has the same 1.6 underneath as the cooper with 120bhp and a remap can make it run at 120bhp but the other parts are meant to be running at 75bhp for example the gearbox, clutch etc will be uprated on the cooper I imagine. (typically this is how it works there are exceptions though. like remapping the 60bhp new 1.25 to run 80bhp like mine wont do any damage as the rest of the car is basically identical to the 80bhp model.)

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