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Boot Doesnt Go Up With Mk3 Struts.


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I was told that if i put the mk3 boot struts in, when i pop my boot it would go up all the way, but it turns out the mk3 ones are a bit weaker than my mk4 ones? What ones do i need?

What model is your car mate Mk4?

And I’m guessing that you want to press unlock on the fob and the boot to lift completely open,?

this would be nice and I would also like this on my focus but it wont happen regardless of strut size,

as the strut is fully closed it will need at least 2 Bar pressure to get air in the chambers to kick it off on its own,

in our case pushing the boot open 3-4inches from closed to give it grip

it needs something to start it off then the fluid within the chamber will carry it up to the top

perhaps modify a spring in the boot to kick it out when you unlock it, but this would also leave the boot difficult to close,

Cars like the passat have auto open boots as they don’t use liquid filled struts like our cars do, they use curved pneumatic pipes and perhaps a compressor to generate enough pressure to push and the boot panels are also made of aluminium.

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