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Hiya Buddy!!

ive done it, my only problem is the grommet afterward, mine doesnt fit as i would like, perhaps i havent found the perfect one, but i must be honest the hole you are left with is an odd shape to say the least, any help on that for me would be appreciated :)

However back on with helping you;

* open up your boot,- the plastic underneath the window which holds your parcel shelf up (on the inside of the car) is removable.

* Remove screws and remove parcel shelf from thier anchor points,

* Remove plastic- be gentle and work it away slowly from an edge which seems like it may come away easier, they are clips (which will pop and bang)-dont worry.

* the motor will be exposed, -close your boot, the wiper has a cover at the base, flip up the cover and loosen nut.

* open the boot, and begin to remove nuts holding the motor- 3 nuts to remove.

* remove the motor and the wiper, the wiper may need some persuaion :) (you will find a wire attached to the motor this will simply unclip- tuck this away and if required cable tie or anchor in preffered method),-the motor and wiper will come apart as two seperate items.

* you will be left with a large hole, i have used two grommets (one inner and one visible to the eye- and i hope another fiesta owner would like to advise a better method to make this a better job), however i used a kit from halfrauds which contained an assortment of grommets, be careful when applying the grommets as they are easily pushed through.

*replace plastic cover, replace screws, replace parcel shelf strings back to thier anchor points.

Hope i was of some help :)

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Surely the neatest way to cover up the hole would be to have it filled and smoothed with fibreglass?

Yes your right!!

thats what i thought- maybe a plastic weld, then smooth, then paint, however this is a very expensive option. i was wondering if anyone had decent pics of thier grommets and or better options (cost effective) to making it look a decent job of dewipering. :)

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you don't want it as a permanent solution as when you come to sell or when it's winter you can't just put the wiper back on. a grommet is the best way, if you can get one flat enough you could hardly see it when painted up :)

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