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My New Ride - Zetec S


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Picked her up today - 2012 spec Zetec S in White




Smiling from ear to ear once I left the dealers and driving to the gym and then gym back home :) :) :)

I'm not a big fan of modded cars, prefer standard with a few tweaks here and there so

Future plans include :-

- Personalized number plate

- Armrest

- Paint calipers

- DMB graphics (probably white)

- Philips Daybreakers

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Looks good mate. What options did you add? I get mine on Monday and can't wait.

I can't do too much to the car because mine is a company car. I'm just going to change the bulbs and do a few bits like that.

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It's !Removed! on wheels mate, as said not much needed to be done, you have it all in your list,

only thing i would do is de-tango the indicator bulbs, change them to mirror finish that light up amber, then sit back and admire the beauty B)

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also recommend this Turtle wax kit for new cars mate Click Here £20

cost me 60euro's in Halfords Ireland :angry:

proper quality kit though everything you need to protect your shine and free metal case that locks.

only other items required are a bucket with a dirt trapper and some water, job done B)

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Street pack and bluetooth with USB. Thats all I need lol ;)

Good stuff. The street pack is ace, I wish that it was an option for those of us who have to have a car fueled by Satan's juice!

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