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Mud Flaps With Ford Logo, Will They Fit?


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hey guys, just after a decent set of flaps for my mk7. i saw these on eBay, they look nice with the ford logo on them.

the logo is printed on and not sticker. problem is... you rekon i can get them to fit onto the mk7...?

any thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated :D

heres the link:


cheers, Dan

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Hi Dan,

they should fit your Mk7 no problems,

says they come with flanged fixing bolts which are good, but for a flush fit to the body you could drill the flap and insert the bolts through the flap and in to the body,

these bolts are on the car already, just unscrew, and line up the flap.

id suggest creating a template Mud flap out of cardboard,

trace one of the flaps on to cardboard when you purchase, then cut the shape out,

line this up on the body of the car and mark the holes,

once holes are marked, line the cardboard up on the flap and drill through the flap.

Align the flap on the car and insert bolts through flap in to body.

Some lock tight or similar will help keep the bolts tight,

and speaking of Elbow Grease some Vaseline or similar on the arch prior to fitting will prevent water or dirt gathering behind the flaps and rusting the body underneath.

that's the way I would do it anyway mate,

hope this helps B)

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thanks for the info mate, il get purchasing some and hopefully when im next home get them on.

il be sure to upload a photo :P

Tell that to my Mrs :lol:

thanks very Much though,

you msy also like DMB graphics for Gel overlays on your badges Click Here

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